stupid idiot

I may feed alot of bullshit positivity to alot of people and i put on this front like everything is gonna be okay but in all reality im the most miserable person i know. I want nothing more than to just drive this car into a pole. I really dont have anything to live for. And no matter how selfish it is id much rather take my own life than live another day on this planet. Ive already ruined the best thing ive had going for me. Shit i completely flawed out the nicest most beautiful pure person thats ever been in my life. Whats the point? Why even live this miserable life anymore? Oh cause people “love” and “care” about me. Well if whatever everyone is telling me is true than they’ll get over it just like im supposed to get over her. I started this off as another pointless post about my life but i see now that there really isnt any point to this life and i really dot want to do this anymore. This may be the pussy way out but this is my life and if i dont want to live it anymore than it should be my decision what to do with it. I’ll see you assholes in hell

how do i know if ive gone crazy yet?